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When I started writing my “To Do” list, I knew that it would take a life time to complete.  However, I didn’t fully grasp the amount of time that it would take me to complete what appeared to be a simple task:

100. Find a favorite recipe in every cookbook I own

For a girl that is only 26 years old, I own quite a few cookbooks. Several that I’ve never used, and many that I’ve only used a handful of times. It’s going to take some time to scour over their pages to find recipes that I’d like to try, let alone my favorite.

sleepingKelly 006

I decided to start with the Dinner Doctor by Anne Byrn. I chose this one because I’ve never used it and the whole premise is easy, fast cooking with basic ingredients that are usually in your pantry. My first trial recipe was “Warm Curried Carrot Soup.” We really like soup in this house. In fact, I whip up vegetable soup soup and chili pretty regularly. However, they always have meat so I was a little hesitant to make a meatless soup. But, like the book’s claim, it was easy and fast.

first book

Since it’s under copyright protection, I can’t share the recipes with you. However, here’s a picture of the ingredients. Probably stuff you have in your house already except the ginger. We always have ginger. It’s great to use in marinades, but I don’t use it enough to buy a fresh ginger root. In my experience, the jarred stuff is just as good. I’m sure food critics would disagree but they can shove it.

sleepingKelly 006

Here’s a picture of most of the ingredients cooking. Doesn’t look too appetizing; sorta like the mess that bubbles out of the garbage disposal when the dishwasher is running when we haven’t run the disposal for fear of waking the baby.

sleepingKelly 013

In several of the soup recipes, Anne’s instructions say to pour the cooked mixture into a food processor or blender and puree. However, there is a tool that will save you the frustration of pour hot liquid back and forth, an immersion blender. This fantastic red KitchenAid one was given to us as a wedding gift by Chris’s good friend and groomsman, Jim. I put it on our registry because I wanted to make some tasty soups, but so far, I’ve only used it to make milk shakes. Finally, I get to use it for soups!

immersion blender

So here’s the soup after the puree. Notice the circle imprint from the immersion blender.

final simmer

After pureed, I mixed in the final ingredient. It made the soup creamer. Then I served it up in a lovely white bowl.

Warm Curried Carrot Soup

The soup was pretty good. Though you could taste the spices, it was rather plain. I think it would be nice opening course for chicken satay or with a grilled cheese sandwich with fancy cheese. Coconut milk would probably make it better too, but that is an ingredient most people don’t keep around which would defeat the purpose.

Final Verdict: It’s not my favorite recipe. There are several tantalizing ones in the book so I’ve got high hopes.

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