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I received this pitcher as a wedding gift (though I’m not sure which wedding).  I’ve always thought its simplicity was very pretty and a nice change from the typical unwanted crystal pieces that are usually given.  Actually I’ve never quite understood why people give those gaudy candy dishes and vases anyway. No one registers for them.  I have a theory that the same few pieces have been re-gifted across America. This pitcher, however, was not re-gifted and has resided in my cabinet, for at least a year, waiting for a special occasions.  Since we rarely have dinner parties at our house, I’ve only used it one time.

Yesterday, as I was making iced tea, I began to question my methodology.  What’s the point of holding onto something and letting it take up space in my cabinets if I’m not even enjoying it? So I pulled it out, filled it with tea, and made something that would normally feel ordinary feel a little special.  As corny as it sounds, it made my day a little better.

So, what have you been holding onto and saving for the right occasion? (We’ve fixed the comments section by the way!)

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  1. djbmountainhomegmail.com

    All the china and crystal from our wedding almost 22 years ago sits in the cabinet. doesn’t get used, for fear of breaking it. I did break one glass myself years ago. Good grief. you’re right, Kelly, it does no one any good sitting there!

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