Daily Digestion 8.19.8

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For the fourth consecutive day, Cecilia slept through the night, but like always, I did not.  I have a vague memory of eating bread and jelly with a couple swigs of milks.  I probably wouldn’t remember this incident except I woke on the sofa.  Generally sleepingKelly collapses there after her nightly feasts even though the comfy bed is only ten paces away.  However, it’s probably best that I sleep on the couch because Cecilia’s bassinet is in the bedroom.  I don’t hear her as well in the living room.  Of course, I realize that sounds harsh and neglectful.  Let me explain…

I can hear her from the sofa.  Just not as well.  My sweet little girl usually wakes up because she needs to poop, and, for her, pooping involves an hour of grunting beforehand.  Thankful she sleeps through this.  Chris usually sleeps through it too.  However, with my overly sensitive, super paranoid momma ears, I do not sleep.  I wake up immediately and start to wonder. Should I get her up? Is she suffocating in her blanket and grunting because she needs air? Maybe she’s too warm and can shake the sleep when she really needs something. Are my boobs too full? Should I pump? She might not wake for a few more hours. What if I pump and then she wakes? I may not have enough milk…  It can go on for 45 minutes or more.  By the time I finally calm down and start to drift off, she wakes up.

The past few days I’ve woken to Chris and Cecilia sitting on the loveseat in the living room.  She grunted enough that he woke up and changed her.  Its a much more peaceful world when I’ve gotten more (and better) sleep.  And waking to a freshly changed and still a little groggy baby and a sweet husband makes for a happier momma.

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