Save the Baby, Save the Boob

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Cecilia was born with a type 4 posterior tongue-tie. This means that her lingul frenulum (the piece of skin attached to the underside of the tongue) is too thick and tight, and her tongue cannot correctly cover her bottom gum while she nurses. Basically she’s gnawing on my breast while she eats which feels something like taking a cheese grater to my nipple. (Sorry for the repulsive description. Be thankful you’re not living it.) The lactation consultant advised us that she might grow out of it or we could consider frenotomy, which is a basic, painless clipping procedure.

I decided to wait a little while in hopes that her mouth would mature. In the meantime, I’ve been using a nipple shield. It’s been a messy ordeal, but it has helped me survive the past six weeks of Cecilia’s constant nursing. Another thing that’s helped me survive was NBC’s Heroes. The indomitable and I never watched the show until recently we discovered it was available on demand for 99-cents an episode. In the first few weeks of Cecilia’s life (when I was stuck on the sofa with her camped out on my breast), we watch the entire first season (20+ episodes) and half of the second.

Well, this morning we took Cecilia to a local ENT to have her tongue clipped. After we settled into the exam room, this guy walked in:

This is Dr. H, the ENT who was very sweet with my daughter. However, he looks a lot like this guy:

This guy is Sylar, the evil serial killer on Heroes that cuts people’s heads open and steals their brain. I had to think twice before letting him take my baby away to cut her tongue.

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