To Do, Part 1

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An author on my blog roll recently posted her 100 item to do list, and I thought I’d follow her lead. Some are self explanatory and some are not.

100. Find a favorite recipe in every cookbook I own
I have lots of them, including several of my late grandmother. Those are treasured items because they contain several handwritten recipes and notes. I also have many cookbooks that have never been used and probably never opened. There are several grilling books that I’ve given to Chris as gifts over the years. Those were failing attempts to get him interested in cooking.

99. Learn how to make fudge without burning it

98. Bake another cheesecake instead of talking about how I can bake them. (The last time was in 2002.)
The last one I made had a raspberry red wine glaze. I was 19 and used a fake id to buy the wine. That was the only time I used the fake id to buy alcohol, and then I baked the alcohol right out of the wine. Such a rebel. (I did, however, use it to get into clubs and bars, but my alcohol was purchased for me.)

97. Learn to play and love a sport that requires equipment (like bats or balls)
I played t-ball as a kid. The only game my team one was the only game I missed. I remember it was on a Wednesday, which wasn’t our usual gae day, and I was out of town visit my grandmother, the one with the cookbooks. I’m sure they didn’t miss me. After all, I gave myself a black eye once just by throwing the softball in the air and trying to catch it.

96. Take a foreign language course at a community college for the hell of it.
I took German in high school. I know how to say, “Where is the bathroom?”, “How much?,” and the always important “Do you speak English?” This will probably get me around in Germany, but unfortunately most of the world doesn’t “Sprechen Deutch.”

95. Buy a fancy umbrella
I’m not talking parasol. I’m talking pretty umbrella with fancy colors or patterns. My black tote one just ain’t cuttin’ it.

94. Order lobster at a fancy restaurant and know what I’m doing when I eat it
I’ve never thought enough of myself to spend that much money on my dinner. Of course, once it arrives, I’ll have no idea what to do with it.

93. Obtain an elementary understanding of white wine
92. Make a great find at a flea market

By this, I mean something awesome for my house. I’m not looking for resale and profit purposes. I want to find something that people will admire when they walk in my house. I also want to get a great price on it so I may have to learn to haggle.
91. Travel to a foreign country and speak the native language (not English)

90. Home school my children for a year in order to travel and show them history and science
The indomitable was home schooled and would like it if I taught our children. Personally, I don’t want to be solely responsible in teaching our children how to read. (Of course, I’ll play a part in it.) However, I feel like I could probably tackle fourth grade. I’d love to show them history in person, like Washington DC, and science at the Smithsonian’s. I just have to figure out if I’m going to take all the kids out at one time or individually. Either way, I think that’s going to be a special year with their momma.

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