Tikka Masala Pits

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I’ve been using organic and all-natural deodorant for several months now in an effort to avoid aluminum. I figure it was best to not put an metals in my body while I’m nursing Cecilia, especially in a location so close to my breasts. So far my experience has been pretty good. I found that Tom’s of Maine Unscented deodorant didn’t give me enough coverage, but I’ve had a very pleasant experience with Kiss My Face’s Liquid Rock in Lavender scent. However, there are some differences between this and my old reliable Lady’s Speedstick. For one, the organic sticks are deodorants and only deodorants. They are not antiperspirants. This is rather inconvenient as I suffer through my postpartum night sweats. They do not stop odor, only mask it. If you are particularly stinky or unable to take a shower for over 24 hours, you’re going to smell. Or, in my case, if you eat a heavily curry seasoned pasta, you’re pits are going to smell like curry for 5 days. I’ll never be able to fully enjoy Indian food again.

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