Need Loving Arms to Hold Me Tight

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When creating our baby registry, I added a Boppy pillow, believing it was an essential item to nursing. I’ve since discovered that it’s not the perfect size for feeding my newborn and tossed it to the side, using it only to prop Cecilia up during her wakeful periods. However, when I returned to bed after an early morning feeding session on Sunday, I found that it has a new fan. I guess the indomitable doesn’t like sleeping alone.

chris <3 boppy



    Hey kelly! Thanks for the email! Your baby is adorable. Elias and Jessica just got home today. Both are doing well… :) Stay in touch and tell your hubby hello!


    Haha! That’s great!! LOL

    My hubby calls our body pillow my boyfriend because of how much I love it when pregnant…

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