Who Nose?

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Several people have asked which parent Cecilia favors. Hands down, she looks like me.

Here’s a newborn picture of me:

Here’s Cecilia:


Almost twin, right? Almost. She’s like the cuter version of newborn Kelly. Thankfully she doesn’t have my nose. I know its hard to tell with this comparison because I chose a flattering baby picture of me.

Here’s one showing off my droopy nose:

I still have it too:


I’m also thankful she didn’t get her daddy’s nose, given his has been broken a time or two. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s damn sexy, but his nasal passages not so much, especially when they release mocking snores as I breastfeed at 3am. Here’s an example of his honker (and his cow lick - I hope he kept that gene to himself too.)

cockatiel hair

It makes me wonder where her cute little nose came from. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think she wasn’t mine, except I was the one that first grabbed her. Oh and that identical thing.

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