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The indomitable and I attended birthing class every Tuesday for six-weeks during the last trimester of my pregnancy.  I’m pretty sure the other couples in our class quickly identified us as the cynical ones that did not feel wrapped up in the emotions and romance of new parenthood.  Despite our attitudes, we had the opportunity to meet some pretty interesting folks including Matthew Paul Turner, a Christian author and satirist.  I’m pretty sure he and his wife would never be our friends (since we are super negative and shit), but I’ve kept up with his blog.  Part of me feels like this is slightly stalking since I’ve actually met him.  (Oppose to just reading a writer’s blog that I haven’t met - that wouldn’t seem weird to me at all.)  He recently wrote this post that I believe most expectant father’s can identify with.  It’s so truthful that I’ve decided to out myself and admit that I’m a follower of his blog.

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