Sweet Taste of Motherhood

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When I first started college at Union University, I majored in sociology with a minor in psychology.  In order to fulfill some of my psych hours, I enrolled (and aced) Child Development. The class was incredibly easy, but my studious (read overachiever) self studied and memorized practically every chapter of our textbook.  I’m very thankful that I was so anal retentive because that semester helped make up for my very limited experience with children and babies.  Of course, knowing academic things is not the same as experiencing them.  For example, I know that Cecilia is not developed enough to smile.  Her smiles are more likely gas bubbles or a poop working its way out her cute little bottom.  This knowledge, however, doesn’t stop me from staring at her and smiling back, getting just close enough to get hit in the face with projectile spit up.

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