That’ll Shut Em Up

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There are some perks to being pregnant. For instance, most people are eager to hold the door open for you. You also have a somewhat valid excuse to gorge yourself as if you were carrying a litter of elephant seals. However, I do get very tired of the constant repetitive daily question from everyone, “How are you feeling?” This is, of course, spoken in a higher pitch, gentler toned voice and accompanies with a head tilt. I know people are asking in kindness, but some day I’m going to answer truthfully and say, “Well, my boobs are leaking through my shirt so I have to wear itchy kotex-like pads in my bra, my hormones have caused me so much acne that I have zits on my butt, I’m on the verge of developing hemorrhoids, and I can no longer see lady land.” I guess if I say all that I probably won’t have to mention mood swings.

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    I couldn’t stand when people did that to me. I also hated when people tell you what to do or hold you back from doing stuff that you know you are fully capable of doing. *Remember when I rode in the jeep and Chirs made sure I was safe!!!!! LOL

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