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I canceled my Victoria’s Secret card today. I have to admit it hurt. It felt like I was turning my back on my sexy single underwear days and committing myself to huge full coverage white mom briefs. They even offered to drop my APR to 9% which is really good for in-house credit cards. They usually run around 21%, and I think VS was no exception. Thought it’s painful to no longer be an Angel (and a VIP Angel at that), I know I’m in the position that I can just pay for my underwear out of my bank account. I don’t need to finance my drawers. It did have a $1600 limit, and if I wanted to buy that much, I would need to charge it. But honestly, who needs that much underwear? No Angel, that’s for sure. I’m pretty sure to be angelic, you need to be nearly naked all the time.

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