Silent but Deadly

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There are some aspects of my job that I love and others that I loathe. I am very thankful to be able to help the Parkinson’s community, but at times, I struggle with working for a non-profit and the neutral position I must take on some issues. Today, however, was not one of those days. When speaking with a woman about the recent work of scientists to convert skin cells to cells that mimic embryonic stem cells,  I told her that one of the scientists behind this research, James Thomson, credits his work with embryonic stem cells for his recent discovery and that he continues to support the controversial area of study. She promptly told me that she was glad that there was another avenue for those with a Christian conscience and that maybe those people who’ve had an abortion or know someone that has can be okay with killing babies.

I am so thankful that my job requires me to have a mute position. Otherwise I might have ripped her a new one as a pregnant Christian that supports embryonic stem cell research. Since the research is still a decade or more away from any breakthroughs, I’m sure she’ll be dead by then. (She’s old and, by the way, did not have PD.) Maybe my Christian conscience should stop me from saying that, but I’m too busy killing babies to be worried about dying old people…

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    bravo! you go kelly. i just want a damn cure. sickens me when people think they own god.


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