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Since we began lessons with our dog trainer, we’ve been indulging Lucy in a lot of “meat treats”. Basically they are doggie jerkies that are made from various animals like venison, salmon, beef, etc. They look and somewhat smell like human jerky. (That is, jerky made for humans not from humans.) During one lesson, the trainer gave Lucy string cheese while teaching her to loose leash walk. This actually turned a bit sour when Lucy managed to grab the entire package and inhale most of the cheese and part of the wrapper. The trainer had only intended on giving her a little nibble.

Ever since then she has keenly tracked cheese and tonight was no exception. I had cut myself a few pieces of Parmesan. I walked into the living room to find my puppy intently staring at me, licking her lips, and wagging her tail. She began following me room to room. While growing up with cats, I learned never to give them table scraps. Felines have a much different approach to capturing human grade goodies. They like to weave around, in and out, and through your legs while meowing non-stop in hopes that they will trip you and steal your food while your down. Though I am a self proclaimed cat-person, I will readily admit that they are selfish, conniving beasts. Lucy, on the other hand, has learned that good behavior and tricks earn her treats. She presented herself as a mannered shadow.

I gave in and gave her a very minute piece. Anything more and I was guaranteed a gassy dog, and there is only room for one bloated bitch in this house. Her small treat, however, only resulted in more tail wagging and lip licking. Somehow I think she sees me like this:


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