Who Needs a Safety Pin?

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MacGyver’s got nothing on my dog. She can get out of tight situations in snap. In a snap of her jaws, that is.


I knew she was a chewing wonder the day I left her unattended to go the bathroom. Reemerging after I had painted three toenails, I found her in the living room destroying my laptop cord. Soon I began discovering bite marks on furniture (like my 150 year old antique church pew), flip-flops, Country Living magazines, and expensive silk pillows. It was apparent that I have a teething puppy on my hands.

Needless to say, I’m not surprised to see her chew. However, I was very disappointed that she annihilated a brand new harness in less than 24 hours. I didn’t catch her in the act so I couldn’t really punish her, and it was partially our fault anyway for leaving it on her (for that one unsupervised hour).

But before I deemed that $16 purchase a lost cause, I vaguely remembered a sign in the store saying “Guaranteed (Even if Chewed!)” I had my doubts and thought I might be recalling a sign above a more expensive collar. Like all internet addicted people, I googled the brand - Lupine. Much to my surprise, I was right. Lupine guaranteed their harnesses. In fact, they have a arrangement with most of the stores that carry their product. I called the store, Happy ReTales, and they said they would happily switch out the harness.

I originally chose this brand because it was a cute, reasonably priced product. However, their policy has gained them a customer for life!


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  1. Anonymous

    They make cat collars too! When they would get too fuzzy and yucky I would bring them back to the vet’s office where I bought it and they would swap it out. Too cool!!

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