Quarter Century

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Today is my twenty-fifth birthday. It’s just slightly more exciting than my seventeenth birthday when I could finally go to R-rated movies without an accompanying adult. Now I can officially rent a car from Budget, Hertz, or Alamo without paying the extra $20/day underage driver fee. Some people also associate this mark with a decrease in their insurance premium, but since I’ve been married-divorced-remarried since I was 20, I’ve enjoyed that reduced rate for many years. (I’ve tried to use that as my silver lining for the first mishap.)

To me, it is just another day. Yes, it means that at least ¼ of my life is over. However, I managed to accomplish my only goal, graduating college, before it happened. I guess the things that scare me most are knowing what I’ll encounter in the next twenty-five. Before I am fifty, my life will begin to take shape into a more lasting, more permanent form. I’ve had the pleasure of do-overs until now. It will bring me children, a career, and many other currently inconceivable events. I find it all intimidating, but I do feel that these past years have armed me with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Most importantly, I now know that I should always seek my own happiness and worry less of what other people may think of me. Also, I have surrounded myself with loving people and have begun to break down emotional barriers that previously existed with friends and family. Last year I predicted that my twenty-fourth year was going to be the best ever, and I was right. But I think they’ll only get better from there.

I’m twenty-five. I’m now undeniably in my mid-twenties. However, I’m not bothered by it. Yes, today is just another day, but I will not let this be just another year. Or maybe that’s just the celebratory beer talking.

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