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At one point in time I thought that I would never move outside of Metro Nashville. I thought I was too hip and cool to be suburbanized. But once my partying-until-I-puke days were over, I realized that raising children within Davidson county left one with something to be desired, and we bought our house in Franklin.

Franklin is a fantastic town. I’m convinced that everyone should want to live here, and believe me, once you do, you’ll never want to leave. The downtown area is designed after European towns and is filled with lots of boutiques, antique shops, and local restaurants. Once a month there is a festival, and they shut down traffic and the streets fill up with vendors. (This usually includes the best kettle corn vendor of all time.)

Another great feature about Franklin is the weekly Farmer’s Market. Even though it’s not nearly as diverse and sprawling as the Nashville Farmer’s Market, it has plenty to choose from with a quaint, cozy atmosphere. You can find an assortment of fruits and vegetables along with an array of homemade goods like quilts, soaps, jewelry, cheeses, and fried pies. As you tour the booths and meet the friendly folks, a bluegrass band plays for the crowd. It feels like something straight out of Mayberry.

Today we stopped and got a couple different squashes and a cantaloupe. If you’ve only limited yourself to store-bought cantaloupe, you’re really missing out. I’m not sure what takes place from the farm to the grocery store, but it takes away from the flavor. There is nothing better than a melon fresh from the vine. It tastes like sweet suburbanization.


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