I’ve Got My New Shoes On

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The indomitable and I have a tradition of giving one another small gifts everyday for a week leading up to the other’s birthday. Usually these presents are small. For example, yesterday I received a pepper mill from Target. However, my first pre-birthday present was a lovely pair of flip-flops that I had put on my Amazon wish list. They are from Simple’s Green Toe line and are made of more natural material, like jute, cork, and crepe rubber. Simple uses less glues and toxins in the construction of the Green Toe line too. They also included a card in the shoe box requesting that you recycle your shoes, such as using them as a flower pot or a dog chew, instead of adding them to the already abundant landfills. But since they are extremely comfy and one of few pairs of sandals that actually have an arch in the sole, I seriously doubt my pair will be in danger of that happening.


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