Tasty Until the Cows Come Home

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Yesterday, after we finished our work out at the Y, the indomitable and I went to Petsmart to enroll Lucy in puppy training classes and buy her a few new toys. Once we finished there, we ran next door to Publix because I was in need of basil and the indomitable was out of cereal. We left the grocery store with one package of basil, two boxes of cereal bars, and five boxes of cereal, and only one was selected by the indomitable. I think we are all familiar with what happens when a PMSing hungry woman goes to the store.

Normally I select plain cereals that are high in fiber, like FiberOne and plain bran flakes. These allow me to further pursue my hobby of pooping. However, last night I was captivated by a new cereal, Chocolate Chex. I thought it would make for a great dessert that was both delicious and, with the combination of milk, full of osteoporosis-preventing calcium.


In fact, they are delicious. They may be too good since we I haven’t managed to stop eating them long enough to add milk. I seriously doubt they’ll be a staple in our indomitably-sleeping household since these things start to loose their healthy quality when consumed in mass quantities. However, I highly recommend them for people with will power. And luckily for you doubting Thomases out there, Walmart has free samples on their website.

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