Melons Are Gonna Roll (Into My Belly)

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One Sunday many weeks ago, the indomitable and I ran to Lowe’s for some then dire, now insignificant tool. Since the store was closing in twenty minutes and I hate entering a soon-to-be-closed establishment, I decided to chill in the garden department. We had just moved into the new house, and I was still pipe dreaming about my garden. However, I didn’t have a tiller nor had I dug out a plot for my veggies. Regardless, I found myself drawn to the seedlings, and after twenty uninterrupted minutes, I bought about $15 worth of plants-a mixture of cucumbers, squash, zucchini, okra, and one watermelon or so I thought.

When I bought the plants, I didn’t really think about how far vining vegetables like to spread. I took me three days to manually dig my small garden patch, and after a lot of sweat and a sunburn, I decided to plant my watermelon away from my garden. When I discovered that I had three melon seedlings instead of one, I decided to plant them in the flowerbed on the side of the house. This seemed like a good spot since the ground was already dug out and I didn’t expect much luck with them. We never had much success with melons growing up in Arkansas, where there is more limestone than soil. But this isn’t Arkansas.


Did I mention that the flowerbed on the side of the house flanks the driveway? And now, three large watermelon vines with their dozen love children are encroaching on my parking place and I have to instruct people to park on the street because we lack space in our driveway.



    Wow! You’re right. I never managed to grow melons like that in Arkansas. How exciting!

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    […] Actually, I prefer live plants most of the time.  Unfortunately, there is one variety of squash that we’re addicted to and is only available as seeds. Last year, I tried to grow it but failed miserably.  After all, it’s difficult to force yourself out of bed to water your garden in the morning, and it is especially difficult if you’re a sleep deprived new mom.  In order to get our fix, Chris, Cecilia, and I loaded up and went to the farmers’ market every Saturday morning because there was one farmer that grew it.  And on the weeks he wasn’t there, there was quite a bit of sadness in our house.  (I might be exaggerating a little bit, but if we thought about it, we were sad.) This year I’m determined to grow my own.  We’ll probably still go to the Market on Saturdays, but we’ll spend our money on other things, like local honey and watermelons.  (We all know I don’t need to grow watermelons again.  I was too successful at that.) […]

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