Giving Fashion The Boot

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When pointy-toe shoes came out several years ago, I swore that I would never wear them. They looked uncomfortable and unnecessary. I could not understand why I should make my size 8 1/2 foot look like a size 10 with a witch point. I resisted the fashion trend for about a year and half, but eventually conformity got the best of me. Today, I have a shoe rack so full of them that they’ll be out of style before I can wear every single pair.

This year there is a new trend that absolutely repulses me-the bootie. It is ugly and clunky and covers the pretty, feminine arc of the top of the foot while making the ankle look thicker. I swear on my pointy-toe collection that I will never wear these shoes. Especially this particular pair by Donna Karen because they cost $734 on Zappos.


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