Daily Digestion 7.29.7

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My stress levels have been extremely high with our new addition. It has revived my REM behavioral disorder, especially during the first week of endless puppy crying throughout the night. I have walked around the bedroom every night believing that Lucy has found her way into our room. One night I even ripped all the cords out of the outlets, including my alarm clock, because I thought she was under the bed and feared she’d chew on them and electrocute herself. However, most of the time I think she has managed to escape her locked crate, open our bedroom door, and jump four feet onto our bed. Then I am adamantly convinced that the indomitable has rolled on top of her. This is not completely shocking because all REM behavioral episode come with a complimentary anger towards the indomitable, as sleepingKelly seems to blame him for all her woes. Last night I was sure that she was in the bed. I was petting her. It felt like her. It was warm and hairy and the right size. But then, the indomitable touched my back, and I woke a little and had a realization, “Oh. That’s your leg.”

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