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Like all newlyweds, the indomitable and I have spent some time at customer service desks in stores returning wedding gifts. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in returning all the crystal vases and pitchers that we did not register for. Why anyone would believe newlyweds want that stuff, I don’t know. I’m convinced that these items are regifted until they reach a home, such as ours, where the last receivers cannot bring themselves to give something that useless. I don’t think I could look someone in the eye knowing that I had filled their closet with a worthless heavy crystal candy dish that resembles a 60’s ashtray.

We returned several Target items that we registered for, items that were worthy of keeping. However, momma needed some credit. I combined it with several Target gift cards that we received and bought this.


That’s right. I bought a fancy, expensive Dyson vacuum cleaner. It’s the one that is advertised by the guy with the snooty British accent. As he states, it does not loose suction, which is much different than the lazy bastard vacuum I got from my first wedding. And for the first time in my life, I’m actually using all the attachments. I still haven’t figured out what the round brushy thing is for, but I’ve used it.I do have one major complaint about the Dyson. I can’t stop using it. I’ve vacuumed at least three times a week since we’ve bought it, everywhere from the bedroom baseboards to the toilet. I’m almost willing to vacuum other people’s homes. Almost.

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  1. Beth

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. How close do you live to SC, so you can come do my vacuuming?? :-)

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