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As posted, I was sick on my honeymoon. I can’t say that I was totally surprised. I woke up the day of the wedding with a tickle in my throat but managed to ignore it until the next day after all the out of town family members had left. Then it came on me like fog on the San Francisco Bay. I was out for four days in a cold medicine induced funk. The indomitable used this time to prove his husbandly value, nursing me back to health with chicken soup, cleaning the house, and doing the laundry. Further proving that fat angry men have a softer side, deep down underneath all their beard hair.

I finally came to on Thursday. Because of my ailment, we missed our original plan for the honeymoon. (Actually, the original plan was to go to Puerto Rico but I convinced the indomitable to buy our house the month before, thus killing the PR trip.) Instead we decided to go camping at the South Cumberland State Park, specifically the Stone Door campsite, located in Grundy County, Tennessee. It’s a large forested plateau with lots of hiking trails and secluded swimming holes. The Stone Door is actually a crack between two huge rocks that allow you to hike down to Savage Gulf.

honeymoon 003

It’s beautiful and amazing. Unfortunately, we went on a rain day so pictures were limited. Also, I was a little hesitant to take my $1,000 camera hiking. As an unemployed person, I cherish my assets. Another important note to make was that the huge downpour made it very difficult to start a fire. Most of the wood was wet. Both the indomitable and I set out to find firewood. The indomitable, an experienced camper, brought back three pieces of firewood. I, the girl who has only camped at campsites with concrete flats for your tent and iron stoves, found about fifteen pieces. However, his lighting skills proved to be superior. I guess we made a good team. Just remember, though, I found and cut the wood. Without my wood, there would be no fire to light.

mr chris

The indomitable also took me to Greeter Falls. It’s a steep mile hike from the park’s parking lot and includes stairs, wooden steps, and a ladder. However, it is worth the intimidating journey. When you get to the bottom, you find a waterfall flowing into a large, deep pool and absolutely no one around. The indomitable and I took that time to wash our hair and hang out. Again, I didn’t take my camera. I’m just a wimp.

On the way to the park, we passed through the small hick town that was the boyhood home of the indomitable. I know it’s hard to imagine him as a child. You kind of expect him to pop out of the womb with a full beard, growling something about the Democratic party and ineptitudes of University professors. However, his mom reassures me that he was a child once. She’s a great lady, and I don’t think she would lie to me.

I got to see the barn that Mike, the indomitable father-in-law, built next to the old homestead. It was in this barn that Vicki, the indomitable mother-in-law, home schooled her two oldest children. However, not everyone in the town apparently knew that because one of the locals got concerned when someone called for Vicki, and the indomitable told them, “Momma’s asleep in the barn.”


My final honeymoon picture is of an abandoned bus. I realize that these are common finds in redneck country. However, I find it a little funny that it was parked next to the barn. After all, the indomitable never rode a school bus.


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