Dear Readers - May 16, 2007 Edition

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It is ten til two. The past few days I have found myself wide awake at this hour after a few hours of sleeping. I usually spend this time researching random gardening or home improvement stuff. At this moment I’m debating if I should plant peanuts or potatoes in a small patch of dirt near the house. This spot gets pretty good sun for six or so hours everyday, but not enough to support tomatoes, peppers, or any kind of vegetable vine. However, I’m willing to try either potatoes or peanuts since their fruit grows below the earth. Which one do you think I should choose? Leave your response in the comments.

Thanks so much,


  1. Chris

    I vote for Peanuts. Makes me think of Jimmy Carter, and that always makes me laugh.

  2. Tracy

    potatoes - peanuts sound to exotic and destined to fail. if you need something more exciting maybe try to find some fancy potato to plant. potatoes are fun to dig up too. do you remember as a kid digging up potatoes? it was like a treasure hunt!!

    now i want potatoes in my garden…

  3. Jennifer- Kelly's mom

    I’ve never grown peanuts and know nothing of their requirements. But it sounds like it would be fun and different.

    I have one potato plant this year, compliments of Granny Franny. She had a potato that started sprouting and she couldn’t bear to throw it away since “it was wanted so badly to be planted.” So I planted it and it is about 10″ tall.

    Do you have room to plant both?

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