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The Lord said to not covet thy neighbor’s house, but what about coveting things from Amazon? I’m sure I’m breaking some commandment for these, but here are the latest things I’m jonesing for: outdoor entertaining edition.


Blue Ferris Wheel Hummingbird Feeder by Uncommon Goods
Even if the quick flitter of hummingbird wings doesn’t draw you to it, the spinning wheel with complimentary cobalt blue glass of this feeder will catch your eye.


Animal Corn Holders by Wrapables
The indomitable may be allergic to dogs, but I think he’d fall in love with these corn dogs, especially if they are grilled corn dogs.


Fueled Outdoor Patio Firepit on Amazon
Keep the party going and a warm ambiance during cold nights.


Aerogrow Aerogarden Garden Kit on Amazon
Use grow lights for good (and legal) reasons. The Aerogarden allows you to grow healthy salad fixin’s easily for evening munchies.

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