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The past month or so I’ve felt a little depressed. This is a common thing for me when I’m not working. I feel like I’m constantly working towards something without feel any daily reward. I realize that I’ll be graduating from college in less than fifty days and getting married in less than eighty, but it’s still very difficult to feel a lot of pleasure in waiting, especially when you counterbalance that with all the stressful tasks involved. Last Saturday, I started a new approach. I’m using herbal treatments. By that, I don’t mean the kind that would make me piss hot.


In an attempt to be domestic, I’ve planted flowers, herbs, peppers, and tomatoes. I’m hoping that I’ve inherited my mother’s green thumb gene. Like all good Arkansans, she grows and cans lots of veggies and pickles every year. I won’t attempt to create my own tomato juice, but I would like a couple of tomatoes.big boy
Words cannot express how much I love my little garden. I find myself skipping to the backyard like a third grader. I frequently open the backdoor just to see how they are doing. I also found myself going to Home Depot today just to buy new dirt and coming back with three more plants. Somehow I don’t think this new hobby will help us save money for the wedding. It will, however, help us stay together because it reduces my depressed manic episodes.



  1. swampwitch

    Thanks for visiting my place today. Just flew by on my broom to say hello. I love your garden. I, too, love to plant things and watch them grow. I have a salsa garden with tomatoes, onions, peppers, and cilantro. Hope your plants make you feel better.

  2. Nicki

    I planted a garden last summer and have started a little indoor garden this spring for the same reasons. In case your mother forgot to bless you with this little jewel of useful information, I will because I was clueless. As your little tomato and pepper plants grow taller and taller, use stakes so that they don’t fall down or snap in half. No one told me that, so once I started noticing little green tomatoes and I got all excited, and then the next day all the limbs were laying on the patio. whoops.

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