Taming of the Hef

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Over the past thirteen months, the indomitable has undergone radical changes. I would like to personally take credit for a large part of this. When we originally started dating, I told him I was only in it for fun; he told me he was in I t to become “house broken”. After dating for a few months, I realized that I shouldn’t let another woman reap in the rewards from my hard work.

fat hef
This is a picture of the indomitable (on the far right) before I entered his life. At that time, he knew my name but didn’t care. In fact, he didn’t care about anything. His daily activities included things that would make his mother cry and his dad furrow his brow in disappointment. He was an angry, fat indomitable.

9.23 034
This is the indomitable in September of 2006. We started hanging out in April and labeled it as “dating” in June. Notice that he doesn’t look as fat or angry. He still has red eyes, but that’s expected since he only took his contacts out once a month. Despite how rough he looks, you can tell a soul is starting to grow in the empty hole.

11.23 097
This is the indomitable at my family Thanksgiving. It was the first time he met my family. He’s hair is short and he’s wearing glasses. This is probably the most sincere smile yet. In fact, he looks really happy, which is amazing. I would expect most people to run screaming and frantic after meet my genetic likenesses.

chris 020
Indomitable, today. I convinced him to cut his hair short and that it was okay to put hair product on his mane. Personally, I think he looks damn sexy. Over the past thirteen months, he has lost 70lbs, gained 125 (that’s me), and become dead sexy. Oh, the things that the love of a good woman can do!


  1. Tracy

    Hey, I miss the facial hair! What’s up with that?

  2. sleepingKelly

    Yeah, me too, at first. However, the naked face has really grown on me.

  3. indomitablehef

    If you look really close, there’s a little jazz beard there on the indomitableChin. She made me keep just that much…I thought it was silly at first, but now I kinda like it. :)

  4. Tracy

    I thought I’d add that the first time I read that entry Aiden was at my side and when he saw the person in the middle of the first picture he said, “That guy’s dead!!” and there was no convincing him otherwise.

  5. Penny

    I like Chris’ new haircut, but I miss the beard. I thought he looked very handsome with it.

  6. Jennifer- Kelly's mom

    Chris, I think you look very handsome. But I’m glad Kelly posted your picture or I might have thought she was marrying the wrong man if I saw this guy at the wedding!

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