Daisy Mae, Do You Take Bubba?

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Yesterday I decided to release my tight grip on wedding coordinating and hire a caterer for the reception dining. However, I’m having a hard time choosing the kind of atmosphere I want to create. The decorations have been finalized: lots of candles and outdoor lights. I’m hoping to create a warm ambiance. I just don’t know if I want to have classy hors d’oeuvres or Mexican food. There is a fine line between great party and white trash wedding reception. And I’ve planned for a cheese fountain so the redneck atmosphere is already locked into place. I guess I could use chocolate in the fountains, but I’m not sure if chocolate compliments Mexican and beer. Everyone tells me that I should do whatever I want, but it’s a constant battle between my anal-retentive self and the low-key gal I want to be.

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