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For Valentine’s Day, the indomitable surprised me by having satellite radio installed in my car while I was in DC. In addition to the remarkable 120+ channels of uninterrupted radio, he cleaned my car. I bought my Alero five years ago when I was 19. It has been one of few stable aspects of my life. During some phases of my life, I practically lived out of my car, especially while working full time and maintaining a full course load. I have developed an unusual collection of crap in my car over the years. I can only imagine the reactions of the indomitable when in stumbled on some of these things: tweezers, ammo box, used target, an expired Arkansas driver’s license, Jack Daniels flavored sunflower seeds, and a never ending supply of water bottles.

I have a great explanation for almost all of these items:
Tweezers: The sun provides the best lighting so I pluck my eyebrows in the car.
Ammo box: It was my dad’s. He gave it to me when I got my first car so I had a place to store tools. He thought I might need the tools to do car repairs if I were ever stranded on the road. However, the tools are now missing.
Used target: It is left over from the first time I shot a gun. I had pretty good aim, and I wanted to keep it as a memento.
Arkansas driver’s license: I have no idea how I acquired it, but I vaguely remember the girl in the picture. (It’s not me.)
Jack Daniels flavored sunflower seeds: I bought these on the way back from Arkansas last Memorial Day. I still eat them occasionally when I get bored. I hadn’t thrown them out because I didn’t know if I’d ever find them again.
Water bottles: I try to drink a bottle of water every morning on the way to work or school. I’m usually crabby in the morning so stopping at the gas station every day isn’t an option. Instead I keep about 6-15 bottles in the back seat, which inadvertently gets filled with empty bottles afterward.

If a stranger cleaned your car, what unusual things would she find? How do you explain them?

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  1. Tracy

    In the backseat a stranger (or anyone) would find a huge pile of McDonalds toys that Aiden randomly plays with, bits and pieces of snacks he’s had (mints, goldfish crackers, etc.).
    In the front there are receipts from Exxon for $.67 and $10 gas receipts.
    Nothing too exciting!

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