Curiously Addictive

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The indomitable and I have recently become addicted to dark chocolate dipped Altoids. He found the original peppermint flavor at Walgreens, and eventually we went back and tried the chocolate dipped cinnamon and ginger. Since I only go to Walgreens once a month (to pick up my birth control), I tried to find them at our local grocery store and Target. They were not there, much to my dismay. In fact, they aren’t even listed under products on the Altoids website. However, when I went to Sam’s Club to purchase fondue machines for the wedding, they were selling a 6 tin pack for $11. I pictured messaged the indomitable on his cell phone at work, and he promptly messaged me back and asked me to buy them.

I have a few words of advice if you purchase these. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can eat them and maintain your diet. Yes, they only have 15 calories for two mints. And yes, normally two Altoids would be all a person could handle. However, when the Altoids are covered in rich dark chocolate, you can consume more than two. You can actually eat an entire box without knowing it. Also, do not trick yourself into believing that it will sweeten your breath. From my experience with peppermint Altoids, you end up with rank breath about ten minutes afterward. That’s the candy company’s trick. They know you’ll stick another one in your mouth.

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