Daily Digestion 1.26.7

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I’m not really sure what has come over me. This morning I woke up to Chris talking and I was answering back. Even though I eventually came to realize he was on the phone with his dad, I was really excited. It occurred to me that I have not walked in weeks. I had some nights where I cannot fall asleep, usually when I drank something with caffeine to late in the evening or I’m overly excited about the upcoming wedding, but I have not woken to find myself in the living room or with remnants of food in my teeth.

I have a few guesses on why this has suddenly happened: I’m not working so my stress level is much lower, I’m blissfully in love and feel comfortable and protected by my wonderful Indomitable, I go to bed at a decent hour because the Indomitable requires more sleep than sleepingKelly, and there is so much crap between my side of the bed, the wall, and the door (pillows, mainly) that I can’t make it to the door without crawling over the sleeping Indomitable.

Despite this new phenomenon, I still have moments of fear. Like last night, we left a box of Cookie Crisp on the kitchen counter, and I was so scared that I would consume the entire thing before 5am. I’m still going to be careful and not invite too many temptations into my home, like Doritos. We’re trying to lose a few more pounds before the wedding, and I don’t want sleepingKelly to sabotage that. However, I thinking awake Kelly would probably give into the temptation of the salty wonderfulness of Doritos, so it’s probably best to keep those out anyway.

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