Wrinkles and Pimples

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Have you ever reached a moment in your life when you realize you are older? This week I became a regular daytime college student for the first time since my freshman year in 2000. As I roamed the halls and looked around my classes, I realized that I’m out of date. My generation’s Birkenstocks and Doc Martens have been replaced by Crocs and Uggs. I began to feel self conscious about my paddle sized black clogs. I was praying that they would notice my age and know that I was not young and hip but mature and modern. However, my adult acne doesn’t do a good job portraying all my life experiences. I looked like a dork, and I felt old. When did your age hit you?

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  1. Tracy

    When I started working at the youth center and kids’ birth years started to inch closer and closer to my graduation year…

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