Mommy Guilt

Today I didn’t clean anything.  I also didn’t do a craft or learning activity with the kid.

Here’s what I did do: 1. Taught 9am yoga class.  Managed to get me and Cecilia out the door and to the gym with 5 minutes to spare.  Some speeding involved. 2. Shopped for flowers at Home Depot with the kid.  Let her pick out her own flowers. Couldn’t resist a couple tomato and pepper plants.  Remembered that I had a $5 off coupon in my email.  Still spent just over $50. 3. Unloaded plants. 4. Picked up Chris and had lunch at Jason’s Deli.  Again, kid in tow. 5. Walked around downtown with Cecilia. Window shopped most of the time. Splurged on a $10 for her Calico Critter collection. 6. Arrived home.  Cleaned up puppy poop and pee deposited by our three foster puppies. 7. Opened new toy and helped girl set it up. 8. Transplanted some seedlings that were started indoor two months ago.  Also planted new tomato and pepper. 9. Planted flowers with Cecilia, which included a conversation on how boys are not stronger than girls. (Sometimes we don’t need anatomically correct definition.) 9. Changed girl into dance clothing. 10. Chiropractor appointment. 11. Dance class. 12. Made dinner. 13. Consumed dinner. (If you have a child, you know this deserves it’s own number.) 14. Watered garden with Cecilia’s assistance. 15. Walked chubby dachshund. 

So after all that, I feel bad because I didn’t clean or teach my child.  This is the definition of mom guilt.