What the heck do you eat?

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Why, hello there, long abandoned blog.

I could write the standard little bit about why I haven’t blogged and how I resolved to blog more.  But, you know, it’s just a bunch of bullshit and hot air.  Let’s get down the real reason I’ve gotten around to writing again.

I try really hard to keep my weight in the normal or healthy range, based on my BMI.  Since I spend several hours at the gym, a lot of folks assume that I stay fit through exercise.  While that is a contributing factor, maintaining a healthy weight is more about the food you put in your mouth than what you do with your body.  (Unless you’re one of those freaks with a high metabolism, but we won’t talk about those assholes.)  Another question I get, especially after explaining the food/exercise effect, is about what I eat, especially since my family and I indulge in dining out a little too much.  (Okay, a lot too much.)

That’s where the blog is going to fit in.  I’m going to try to post pictures of what I eat while eating out.  It might get boring after a while since we tend to frequent the same restaurants pretty regularly.  We like to stick to places where there are healthier options for things that we like.

Without further explaination, I give you just what the heck I eat.

Today, obviously, was New Years.  Chris had a lunch meeting (life of a CEO), and Cecilia and I were on our own for lunch.   There was no food in the house.  Lucy had RUNNOFT and by the time she came back,  it was too late to go to the grocery to remedy the bare cupboard situation.  Off we went to find a restaurant that was open.  Much to my surprise, it was difficult!


Cecilia requested chicken noodle soup, which is a current favorite, and thankfully Panera was open.  Panera is one of my favorite places because the calorie information is printed next to the menu on the wall.  Talk about being forced to face your choice!

I ordered the “Pick 2″ with a half Greek salad (dressing on the side) and half tuna salad sandwich with an apple and an unsweet tea (with a splash of sweet to cut down on the bitter).  Cecilia had her chicken noodle soup with a baguette and a low fat milk.

I actually didn’t use the dressing.  I like to add a bit of salt to my salad, and between the salt and the feta, it didn’t need any dressing. By the time I was done inhaling my salad, I wasn’t very hungry so I just at the guts of my sandwich.  I wanted the protein, but I didn’t want the overfull feeling from the bread.  The apple went in my purse for an afternoon snack.

I’m not sure I’ll include a caloric breakdown of every meal, especially since the information won’t be available at some restaurants, but today I will.

Half Greek Salad (no dressing), approximately 75 calories, 5 g fat, 6.5g carb, 3.5g protein

Tuna Salad Sandwich (no bread), approximately 105 calories, 5g fat, 5g carb, 10.5g protein.

I left feeling very full and very happy

In addition to watching my restaurant eating, you can watch my food/exercise log on Daily Burn. I haven’t been using it consistently over the holidays since the entire family was sick with a nasty cold, but prior to that, I was very dedicated to logging! I’ve returned to logging today, and hopefully, tomorrow will return to the gym.

Much love!