Back to School

Cecilia’s school has been out on holiday break since the beginning of time December 21st, and while Chris has been helped tremendously, the share of childcare responsibilities have fallen on me. Something about the CEO is more important than the company administrator, yada yada yada.  (Just remember who write the paychecks, bud.  Or hell, knows where the checkbook is.)  Tomorrow, Goldilocks heads back to the schoolyard, and I’m more than ecstatic.  Having her at home is fun for the first half of a day, but by the afternoon, someone needs a nap and she just won’t let me get one.

Beyond peace and quiet, I’m really looking forward to the return of school so I can pack her lunch.  Yep, that’ right. Packing her lunch excites me.  You see, I bought her a nifty bento box and a new Hello Kitty lunchbox.  What’s a bento box, you ask? It’s a cute Japanese lunch box with little compartments.  You often see bento boxes at Japanese restaurants on their lunch menu, but your typical kids made-at-home bento is much more elaborate and creative.

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I bought several veggie cutters and Hello Kitty cookie cutters (for sandwiches).  I’m hoping this will inspire Cecilia to eat more of her lunch.  Unfortunately, a lot of her lunches come back with hardly any food consumed.  I suspect she’s a little jealous of her classmates overly processed Lunchables (sorry, guys, but meat shouldn’t come wrapped up like that).  If anything, I think the fun shapes and colors will intrigue her friends, and Sass loves the attention.  It’s also a great way to style leftovers to make them more appealing.

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Bentos are just for kids.  Chris also got a box for Christmas, and he loves it.

If you want to read up on Bentos, there’s quite a bit of good information out on the web.  If you need ideas on how to create cute boxes, there’s a few Bento blogs.  Sometimes they’re hard to find in the US for a good price.  (The ones I’ve seen on Amazon are expensive!)  However, I found some great deals on Bentos and accessories on eBay from sellers in Hong Kong & China. Make sure you check your shipping costs!

Happy Bento Boxing!