Lessons from my Toes

When I’m stressed, I pick at my toes.  I scratch off my polish.  I tear at my nails.  I just beat them up.  And lately, I’ve been pretty stressed so my poor little phalanges look pretty rough.  For the most part, I don’t really think about it, especially in wintertime when I’m constantly wearing socks.  That’s until I go to yoga class.  Then I find myself getting embarrassed.

I’ve been going to the same classes for over a year now.  I’ve developed several friendships there.  I’m not sure if they ever notice my toes, but I really notice them there, especially during all the forward folds when my feet are literally in front of my face.  Today was incredibly embarrassing as we were working on proper form and alignment.  Our instructor, who’s also a friend, was checking out our foot placement and correcting us when necessary.  I found myself completely distracted by my ugly feet.

But then during a seated twist, she told the class something that she says often, “You are where you are.”  She was telling folks to not push further into a stretch and to be mindful of where their limitations are.  After all, you can really injure yourself when you try to force your body into something it’s not ready for.  But that got me thinking - I’m surrounded by people who love me.  My toes look this way because I’m stressed.  I am where I am.  If I pretend that I’m not stressed is to force myself into a place that I’m not.  I would be hiding my true self.  To expose your flaws and weakness is to be open, and when you are open, you able to receive and give more love.  I am where I am. I will be okay with that.


I got my Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds catalog this week.  I have to admit I’m pretty excited to look at it.  It sort of reminds me of looking at the JcPenny catalog around Christmastime as a child.  The anticipation is pretty fun.  You circle a bunch of things you wouldn’t mind having, but you’re not sure what you’ll get.  (Of course, I do the choosing these days, but I usually order closer to the spring.)

Last year I had Chris build me a couple salad tables.  Unfortunately, I failed miserably with them.  The tables were great - built exactly to specs - but I had a hard time remembering to water them.  They require about a gallon per table per day, and I’m awful when it comes to watering my plants.  I try to water in the morning or the evening, and that’s a pretty busy time when you’ve got a family to manage.  It actually worked out since we ordered a full share CSA and I had planted salad greens in the ground in my traditional garden.  We had more than enough greens in our household!

This year I want to get the salad tables another try.  I’m thinking we’ll just do a half share of the CSA this time.  Chris and I were never big fans of cooking greens (collards, turnip, spinach), but I did figure out a way to cook them that was enjoyable for both of us.  Despite that, we ended up tossing more than I’d like to admit.   Plus, I’ll hopefully figure out a way to schedule in some watering time.  It only takes about a minute to water both tables, but the hardest part is making myself do it.

Do you have a garden? What’s your daily garden maintenance routine? Any tips that you can share with me?