Happy Halloween 2010!

halloween 2010

I don’t think this picture shows the true excitement that Cecilia felt this year.  We joined some friends for trick or treating and dinner, and it was a ton of fun to watch a group of toddlers experience Halloween for the first time.  Cecilia got quite the loot, and she was so enthralled with the process that she didn’t even ask to eat any of the candy.  I’m so proud of my big girl.

I’m also pretty proud of myself because I made her costume this year and completed a task on my to do list:

89. Sew my daughter’s Halloween costume

I asked Cecilia several times over the past month what she wanted to be for Halloween, and she always said, “A kitty,” and never changed her mind.  She’s had a couple opportunities to wear her costume, and since it’s basically a shirt and pants, she can wear it long after Halloween.  (There are more pictures in the flickr sidebar.)

Off topic - I’ve decided to turn off comments on posts.  I’ve been inundated with spam comments, and since I’m not posting as often as I once did, I’m turning them off.  I debated taking the site down completely, but Chris suggested I just turn off the comments.  If I start posting regularly again, I’ll consider turning them on again.