Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head

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rainy day 4

If you’re in the American South like us, you’ve been experiencing nearly a week of constant rain and have another week’s worth to come.  Personally, I think 14 days of rain is only a good thing if it’s 60 degrees or colder.  When it’s 80, it just leaves you debating whether to wear short or long sleeves and feeling pretty sticky in all the humidity.  It also means your stuck in the house, especially if you need new wiper blades and discover replacements will set you back $85.

Thankfully, these little annoyances don’t bother Cecilia.  I just put her in a jacket and some old shoes, and she’s content to explore in the rain and discover awesome new things like stomping in puddles.  It’s amazing how every day things like raindrops make her day.

rainy day