Pantry Raid, Con’t

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I went to the store tonight, but I only bought ice cream, bananas, pickles, and apricot jam.  The first two items were already considered essentials.  If you ask any member of my family, pickles are a necessity.  I ran out of apricot jam last week because sleepingKelly decided it would make a good midnight snack.  That didn’t bother me too much since it’s sugar-free and only 10 calories per tablespoon.  However, when she ate all of my homemade blackberry (made by my sister), I was rather irritated.

Anyway, here’s the run down of the food for the  past week.

Thursday (I was home alone because Chris was speaking at a conference):
002 copy

Leftover chicken in a flatout wrap with parmesan and hummus.  Served with leftover grilled vegetables and cucumber & tomato salad (from the garden).

009 copy

Turkey burgers (leftover from Cecilia’s birthday party) on homemade buns.  Baked sweet potato fries (dusted with a little brown sugar), strawberries (purchased for a mom’s group brunch), and the last of the cucumber & tomato salad.

Saturday: We ordered pizza. Chris was at his conference all day and was sick.  I spent all day sewing and being the parent in charge. I was tired too.

025 copy

Fried rice (loosely based on this recipe) with sauteed zucchini strings and strawberries.

Monday: Sunday leftovers.

057 copy

Bisquick pancakes topped with smashed organic blueberries.  (When you have delicious blueberries, who needs syrup?)  I also decided that Chris is the official pancake cooker.  I screwed up the first 6 or so.

060 copy

Rubbed grilled chicken, grilled onions, garlicky peas topped with Parmesan cheese, and golden potatoes & carrots (here’s the recipe - don’t use my picture as a guideline because I cooked my potatoes too long).

So far, so good!  I did repeat grilled chicken, but tomorrow we’re have pork so that should add some variety.  We’re out of cereal so we’ll probably start eating eggs for breakfast.  We also have plenty of oatmeal and frozen zucchini bread muffins. The freezer still looks pretty full, and the garden has plenty of veggies growing!  It should continue to be a tasty month!