Filling My Time with a New Addiction

So what have I been doing while Chris spends the weekends working?  Feeding my new addiction - sewing.  Actually, I’ve been learning how to sew.  Well, rather, I’ve been watching my mother-in-law sew and occasionally sewing myself (when she makes me).  She’d probably dispute that and say that I’ve been doing most of the work.  She’s a nice lady but a liar.  Just kidding! (Not really.) (Okay, really.) Regardless, I figure we I should show off my work.

Cute pink dress from week 1:


Blue flower skirt (from these directions) from week 2:

blue skirt

Obviously we’ve focused on baby clothes. There’s a couple reason for this. 1. Baby clothes are smaller and require less fabric. Therefore, if we screw it up, it’s not as costly to toss it out. 2. It’s easier. 3. Baby girl clothes are freakin’ cute. 4. Homemade clothes aren’t as cute on adults. That being said, my mother-in-law, Mauvie, is working on a skirt for me, but I made no promises on wearing it in public. We had to do something with all the extra fabric because, if you didn’t know, one of the major side effects of sewing is an addiction to buying fabric.

Pantry Raid, Con’t

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I went to the store tonight, but I only bought ice cream, bananas, pickles, and apricot jam.  The first two items were already considered essentials.  If you ask any member of my family, pickles are a necessity.  I ran out of apricot jam last week because sleepingKelly decided it would make a good midnight snack.  That didn’t bother me too much since it’s sugar-free and only 10 calories per tablespoon.  However, when she ate all of my homemade blackberry (made by my sister), I was rather irritated.

Anyway, here’s the run down of the food for the  past week.

Thursday (I was home alone because Chris was speaking at a conference):
002 copy

Leftover chicken in a flatout wrap with parmesan and hummus.  Served with leftover grilled vegetables and cucumber & tomato salad (from the garden).

009 copy

Turkey burgers (leftover from Cecilia’s birthday party) on homemade buns.  Baked sweet potato fries (dusted with a little brown sugar), strawberries (purchased for a mom’s group brunch), and the last of the cucumber & tomato salad.

Saturday: We ordered pizza. Chris was at his conference all day and was sick.  I spent all day sewing and being the parent in charge. I was tired too.

025 copy

Fried rice (loosely based on this recipe) with sauteed zucchini strings and strawberries.

Monday: Sunday leftovers.

057 copy

Bisquick pancakes topped with smashed organic blueberries.  (When you have delicious blueberries, who needs syrup?)  I also decided that Chris is the official pancake cooker.  I screwed up the first 6 or so.

060 copy

Rubbed grilled chicken, grilled onions, garlicky peas topped with Parmesan cheese, and golden potatoes & carrots (here’s the recipe - don’t use my picture as a guideline because I cooked my potatoes too long).

So far, so good!  I did repeat grilled chicken, but tomorrow we’re have pork so that should add some variety.  We’re out of cereal so we’ll probably start eating eggs for breakfast.  We also have plenty of oatmeal and frozen zucchini bread muffins. The freezer still looks pretty full, and the garden has plenty of veggies growing!  It should continue to be a tasty month!

Emotions of Motherhood

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My kid is refusing to nap today.  She’s a bundle of happy, babbling energy, but I’m tired. And I’m getting angry.  I hate that I’m getting angry.  But I am.  I can admit to that.  I’m sitting in her dark nursery listening to the whoosh of the sound machine while she toddles around making a bigger mess of my already messy house.

I realize some people would frown on my frustration (which is just another word for anger, by the way).  But I think it’s a normal reaction.  The key things is that I’m not acting on my emotion.  However, admitting to it helps me process those feelings.  Personally, I think it’s unhealthy to pretend everything is rainbows and buttercups all the time.  Those people, my friends, kick dogs behind closed doors.  Or they’re cutters.  I also believe it’s important for me to show Cecilia that I feel frustration and I don’t behave destructively because of it.

Unless completely doped up on Zanax, all parents experience this.  However, it’s a real occupational hazard for stay-at-home moms.  After all, if my boss spends all day screaming at me, my only alternative is to grit my teeth and bear it or let her suck on my boob.  Plus, I don’t get to leave it and go home.  She’s always around.  Then I get to experience mom’s guilty.  Of course, working moms have mom’s guilty too.  Theirs might be for leaving their child with a daycare provider, but mine (and other stay-at-home-moms) feel it when we get angry and worry that we’re inadequate mothers.  Basically, I think women spend motherhood wavering between unconditional love and horrible guilt, and the two play off of one another.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this post.  I guess I’m trying to say that I feel anger sometimes, and I feel guilty for it too.  But it’s okay to feel that way.  You’ll always be inadequate in your mind because no one has the time or energy to be the ideal mother (or father).  Let’s all grab a beer or glass of wine and relax.

By the way, I feel better now.  Thanks for listening.

Sock Pup-pet

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Isn’t entertainment the point to having dogs and babies?

Pantry Raid

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Did you notice that I stopped posting my monthly New Year’s Resolution updates? Oh. You didn’t? Good.

As you might recall, one of those resolutions was to spend less and save more.  Well, that all went to shit after we installed our new fence and had to go into credit card debt for the first time in two years to do so.  You’d think that would scare me straight when it comes to spending, but it didn’t.  With Chris working more, I’ve been finding comfort in shopping.  Things have gotten a bit out of hand.

My crazy shopping habit extends past clothes and household items.  It involves food.  Heck, it’s mostly food.  I really enjoy cooking and truly feel a stocked pantry is essential.  However, there’s a tipping point when you cross the threshhold from a foodie to a food hoarder, and I think I’ve crossed it.  I’ve got a full pantry, freezer/fridge, and deep freezer.

pantry raid 006

In order to save money and not let food go to waste, I’m going to avoid going to the grocery store until September.  The only exceptions will be for milk, eggs, ice cream, beer, and bananas.  (The last three are Chris’s essentials.)  After deciding to do this, I made a list of all the meals that I could make with the food in my stash without running out of ingredients.

pantry raid 002

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I have multiple varieties fish, chicken, pork, beef, and tofu in my freezer and fridge.  Let’s all say it together: Hoarder.  I also have lots of fresh, frozen, and canned fruits and vegetables in addition to the ones growing in my garden.  If there’s a natural disaster and food is scarce, you know who to see.

So it’s going to be interesting to see where my culinary journey will take us throughout the month.  It might get slim towards August 31st, but I doubt it. More than likely, it might lead to the bottom of my deep freezer. (Might is the key word there.)

Here’s yesterday’s dinner: Tilapia covered with BBQ rub, roasted squash, and curried rice (brown rice, curry, raisins, and pine nuts).

pantry raid 1

And tonight’s dinner: Grilled BBQ chicken, roasted vegetables (portobello mushrooms, garden grown carrots & squash, onions), grilled onions, and leftover curried rice.

pantry raid 014

Tired, Part 2

A few posts back I alluded to some changes that are taking place in our household that have indirectly taken away my time and creativity that I used for writing.  (Wait. Did I ever publish that post? I don’t remember.)  I figure it’s time to finally explain that.  A couple months ago, Chris and two of his guy friends/former co-workers (herein referred to as “The Dudes”) decided to start their own business.  I was and am very excited about this.  It’s something that I was encouraging Chris to do (specifically with The Dudes) long before they ever approached one another about it.  Unfortunately, without any capital or funding, everyone must continue working their regular day jobs while trying to get the business started.

Chris has been and continues to be a great father and manages his three full-time jobs (regular job, new business, daddy-job) very well.  However, there are times when something has to give, and often it’s the daddy-job.  Most Saturdays he asks for half a day of uninterrupted time to focus on the new business.  Sometimes he leaves the house and camps out a local coffee shop; sometimes Cecilia and I find things outside the house to do, like visiting the zoo or hanging with his parents.  Occasionally, he asks for entire weekends to focus on the business.  Overall, though, Chris has been making the most sacrifices.  He pulls all-nighters, has a midnight conference call with his contractors Sunday through Thursday, and works while rocking the baby to sleep.  Also, he sets all work aside for special occasions like our anniversary weekend or Cecilia’s birthday.

It’s been tough, but I think we’re making it work.  That’s not to say that everything is sunshine and roses.  There is a certain level of tension.  We’re both tired.  Neither one of us is getting a much of a break from our jobs.  Unfortunately, I think that’s just part of the journey right now.  I’m very supportive of the business.  This is one of Chris’s lifelong dreams, and it could prove to be very financially successful for our family.  However, I’m tired and crabby.  Likewise, Chris understands that taking care of a very active, very determined toddler is exhausting, but he’s doing a lot.  In fact, he’s doing more than most men would ever consider doing.

With that said, I’m trying.  I’m trying to write more, but I’m also trying to keep myself busy so I don’t notice that my best friend isn’t around as much.  Thankfully, Cecilia has turned a new leaf when it comes to naps, and I’m now able to put her down in her crib!  I’m too afraid of making a noise and waking her to clean so I’ll try to blog more.  That takes care of the time factor, but I’m not sure how to conquer the creativity-block.

If you have any interest, Chris and The Dudes’ new business’s site is called Bandit Software, and their first product is LeanKit: Kanban.


Last Monday, I joined two of my new gal pals from my moms group at zumba class.  Have you ever heard of zumba?  It’s an intense cardio workout based on a variety of latin and hiphop dances.  It’s an intense hour-long class that works and tones every major muscle group in your body.  I was really looking forward to attending because I’ve really reached a fitness rut.  As someone who used to workout every day for at least an hour without fail, I can’t seem to get to the gym, and the only way I get there is to agree to meet up with someone.

However, at the same time, I was really dreading the class because I have no rhythm. Like seriously, none.  I was in marching band my sophomore year of high school, and I faked playing the whole time because I couldn’t march and play.  Despite that, I still found myself out of step.  I haven’t been friends with these girls very long, and I’m still trying to sort of impress them.  I figured I would either 1. completely embarrass myself where I’m too ashamed to see them again, or 2. prove that I’m a big goober that’s worth keeping around.

Despite my fears, I had a good time.  I was completely lost most of that hour.  Even though there were 50+ women in the gym, I’m pretty sure the instructor kept looking at me like I was a lost puppy.  Maybe that’s because I would just jump up and down with the beat of the music when I couldn’t follow along with the steps.  I did have a good time, especially during the parts where you shake your hips.  I know I got that part right.

There’s just a few things worth mentioning about that night.  First, I realized that I really need to get out of the house regularly on a weeknight to do something with my friends.  I rarely do that because I’m afraid that it will interupt our regular dinner/bathtime/bedtime schedule.  However, Cecilia is getting to a point that she doesn’t need me to be there to go to sleep.  It’s good for my soul, and in return, it’s good for Cecilia.  Second, that particular zumba class is at a church.  It’s one of their ministries.  Despite being in a church, it’s a full-blown zumba class.  The only difference is that you pray before you shake your ass.  Third, I thought I had completely recovered from giving birth a year ago, but it appears that I need to do some kegel exercises less I wear diaper before my next zumba session.


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finger painting

I know I haven’t blogged much, and I apologize.  Cecilia and I have reached a point in our relationship where she is running me ragged and I collapse every night after she goes to bed (and anticipate her regular 1o:30 waking).  Some days I don’t get a moment to pee alone so things like writing tend to go to the wayside.  If you guys can tolerate a few “mini-posts,” I can try to write more.  I’m not sure I can give more than five minutes of my attention at a time.  Our girl is just too busy exploring everything!