To Do, Part 5

59. Learn to ski or snowboard

My poor husband used to go snowboarding all the time until he met me.  Hell, he’s even snowboarded in Japan! I’m scared to death of it.  In fact, I’m scared of pretty much any sport that might involve falling and damaging my teeth.  However, if I get hurt, I’ll be in good company.  Chris always injures himself too.  You’ll have to ask him about the time he took Japanese Midol for an injured knee.

58. Increase my vocabulary

My mom used to say that curse words were used by people who weren’t intelligent enough to say something else. Shit. I guess I’m not very smart.  Well, or at least I knew that my vocabulary was lacking.  It also doesn’t help that every time Chris and I get in a fight he uses gigantic words, and I have no idea what they mean. Of course, I’m too pissed to ask him for a definition.  Man that shit pisses me off.

57. Be a contestant on Family Feud

56. Watch the top 100 movies of all time

55. Dig for diamonds

Did you know that Arkansas is the only place in North America that has diamonds? Did you also know that you can dig for them at a state park for a minimal fee? As an Native Arkansan, I really should dig for diamonds.

54. Experience an Australian Christmas

It’s hot there at Christmas! You can get sunburned on Christmas! It totally blows my concept of the holidays. Are their decorations the same? Surely there’s no Frosty the Snowman.  Does Santa still wear a heavy red coat and boots? Hot! Christmas! Crazy!

53. Eat at a diner made from an old train car

52. Own a miniature donkey

(Chris, my birthday is quickly approaching.)

51. Become a US Marshall

‘Cause they’re badass.

50. See the Northern Lights