The Difference a Year Makes

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I spent this entire day last year in labor.  My water broke at 1 am, and Cecilia didn’t arrive until 5 am the next day.  I remember it very clearly - I was leaving the bathroom so I knew I didn’t pee on myself.  (When you’re nearly 42 weeks pregnant, that’s entirely possible.)  Fittingly, I started my day today with Cecilia bringing me a Tupperware bowl while I was sitting on the commode.

My Kid Has a Rash. Wanna Come Over?

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Cecilia will be one on Sunday, and I’ve been planning a big bash to celebration the occasion for the past couple of months. Unfortunately, today we had to postpone the event. Needless to say, I’m a little disappointed about it. However, I’m pretty sure that Cecilia is more upset since she’s the one with Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease.

Doesn’t that sound horrible? Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease. It sounds like something that kids acquire when they have inadequate parents or an illness you get when you travel to a tropical climate.  In reality, it’s just a virus.  She actually caught it from a trip to the YMCA pool last Friday.  It started as a nasty rash on her bottom a few days ago, and this morning I noticed blisters on her feet.  Apparently, it’s normal for the groin area to breakout, but I guess Hand, Foot, Mouth, and Butt disease wasn’t as catchy.

The good news is that she should be much better by her birthday.   We decided, however, to go ahead and postpone the party.  Close to half of our guests have young children, and it’s really hard to convince people to come over when your child is recovering from an illness and shouldn’t be contagious.  I’m disappointed, but Cecilia won’t know any differently. Sunday night we’ll celebrate with family.  Later in the week, we’ll meet up with her best friend (who also caught it from the Y).  Then we’ll have a big party in late July.  The girl will think all birthdays last an entire month!


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Tupperware Lid

Man, my kid loves going into the kitchen.  You’d think I’d forced her to stand outside the gates at Disney World all these months.  Whatever Cecilia thought she missed out on, she’s more than made up for it these past few weeks.  That little girl has explored every nook and cranny in the kitchen.  In fact, Chris had to install locks on all the cabinets last weekend.  We did, however, leave the Tupperware/spice cabinet unlocked and available to her (with select spices removed).  Since spices are cheap and Tupperware is nearly indestructible, we figured we should indulge her a bit.

Tupperware Lid

What I didn’t expect was to find jars of rosemary and thyme in both bathrooms and Tupperware lids peppered around the living room and bedrooms.  I understand the allure of spices, especially ones like mustard seed, as they have a fun rhythmic sounds when you shake them.  But container lids? I mean, Tupperware is awesome.  I was a dealer for a few months in order to support my own habit, but just a lid?

Tupperware Lid

It’s also created a whole other problem.  In addition to the challenges of photographing a super-mobile, super-fast child, I can’t get her to look at the camera!

Tupperware Lid

Happy Father’s Day

…to the best  baby-daddy that a girl could ask for. Cecilia and I are lucky to have you.


His Side Is ALWAYS Really Messy

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Hannah Montana Ticket

I rarely talk on the phone.  If Chris and I speak during the day, it’s on gmail chat.  As you can see, it’s a great place to have delicate conversations with your spouse.

me: did you go see the hannah montana movie on april 10?

Chris: yes, yes I did

me: well, there’s a ticket stub for it
on your side of the dresser

Chris: april 10
did we see a movie around that time?
I don’t think so
mustve been my 11 year old girlfriend

me: 7:15 on 4/10
for an adult
i think kids are 12 and under

Chris: well, yeah…me and her together

me: oh okay
diggin’ some miley cyrus, huh?
or did you go for billy ray?

Chris: hahaha

For the record, he also has  no clue where the post-it note came from either.

$5 Well Spent

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This morning, my mother-in-law, Cecilia, and I headed out for some summer yard sale shopping.  We didn’t hit the jackpot.  In fact, I only spent $7 total, five of which was on a used play tent for Cecilia.  However, that was $5 well spent!

Floury Mess

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This week I started letting Cecilia explore in the kitchen while I cook and clean.  Previously we’ve strapped her into her highchair, but with her new found walking ability, she’s can no longer be pacified with Gerber baby puffs (or baby cheetos as the pediatrician calls them).  She wants to GO! GO! GO!


A few days ago, during her adventures, she discovered the Tupperware/Spice cabinet and had lots of fun pulling out all the lids and walking around with a very musical container of mustard seeds.  It was so cute, and since Tupperware lids have a lifetime warranty, I was more than happy to let her play with them.


Tonight, however, she found flour jar and dove right in.  For a split second, Chris and I debating stopping her, but it was way too cute.  The end result - a huge mess.  But flour is cheap and a smile on my daughter’s face is priceless. However, I’m going to have to find a new home for the flour.  She’s not likely to forget that fun soon.



Bling Bling

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This weekend I washed my car.  That’s something I rarely do, partially to save on water but mostly because I’m lazy.  Since we’ve owned the car for 10 months now, I figured it was time.  Unfortunately, while shining up my blackened-with-soot tires, I noticed that someone had stolen all the lug nut caps on my passenger side.  Normally, I would assume that they had fallen off when I hit a curb, (Embarrassingly, that happens every time I go to our neighborhood Walgreens.) but all ten were missing on the same side so that tells me it wasn’t my fault.

On Tuesday, I checked eBay to see the going rate for Audi lug nut covers.  I was surprised that they were only $16.99, which included free shipping.  Considering an additional car key is $400, I thought $17 was a real steal!  I promptly ordered them (though in my mind, I wondered, “Am I just paying to buy back my stolen ones?”)  I was so happy when they arrived in the mail today. I would no longer be driving a ghetto fabulous car! At least that’s what I thought.

My car is a different kind of ghetto fab now - the chrome variety.  When I ordered the caps on eBay, I made sure to order the chrome colored ones as opposed to the red or blue variety that were also offered.  It didn’t cross my mind that they were chrome not basic silver colored.  Thankfully they mostly blend in with the car, or at least I hope they do.  And they do look nice.  actually, they put the rest of my wheels to shame.  Maybe I need to buy some spinners to match.

CHROME lug nut covers



When trying to come up with a post topic, someone suggested a “green” post.  I’m more than happy to oblige because my blog seems to be going more and more towards a mommy blog.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love being a mom, especially Cecilia’s mom, but it feels like everything has become mommy related.  One of my goals as a mom is to maintain a sense of self.  I think this is good for me and good for Cecilia.  But enough of that.  This is supposed to be about the environment.

For several years, I have dreamed of having a compost pile.  Unfortunately, apartment living isn’t exactly suitable for rotting plants and decomposing egg shells.  Just a few weeks after we moved into our house, I started researching composting and planning my pile.A pile should be in a well drained location.  (You don’t want standing water. Yuck.)   Ideally, it shouldn’t be in direct sunlight or exposed to wind.  The idea is to let the bacteria and enzymes regulate their own temperature.  Also, most folks like to have it away from their house or play area.  Technically, it shouldn’t smell (or smell like dirt), but why risk it?  Just make sure that it’s not so far away that it’s inconvenient.

I chose to enclose my pile.  It doesn’t have to be done, but I wanted to keep it limited to a specific space and didn’t want unwanted pests dragging food scraps around my yard.  There are several containers on the market, or you can make your own.  One day while driving around, Chris and I stumbled on some abandoned old pallets behind his office building.  I had him grab a few on his way home one day.  With some long screws and a couple brackets, he rigged up an enclosure for me.  I know it’s not the most beautiful container, but it works.  Plus we recycled the pallets!

Compost pile

There are two kinds of composting - active and passive.  Active composting requires more work, as the name implies, and requires maintaining the right balance of browns and greens (or carbons and nitrogens, whatever you prefer to call it).  (Here’s a list of what is considered brown, green, or an activator.) You have to frequently turn your pile, monitor your temperature, and sometimes add activators (like manure).  When I started composting, I had high aspirations of an active pile.  I had the right combination of brown to green (basically 1.5:1).  I turned my pile weekly and watched the moisture levels.  But then I got knocked up.  (It always comes back to that, huh?) Then winter came (literally, not metaphorically) and traipsing out to the backyard got to be a real chore.  (I told you a convenient location was important, and it is in a convenient location.)  My compost pile quickly became a passive pile.

In The Beginning

But wait, that’s okay. For me, the point was to reduce waste in our sewer system and landfills.  Active piles produce more (free) gardening compost, but if it’s so overwhelming that I abandon ship, it’s not helping my garden or the environment.  Nowadays, it gets all my kitchen scraps as long as they contain no animal products. Compost bins are vegan after all.  (Chris gave me this awesome kitchen compost pail and biodegradable bags for Mother’s day.  I guess he was tired of staring at the scraps sitting a colander in the sink.) When I dump the pail, I try to sweep up any dead clumps of grass that are laying in the yard from the last mow and put those in there too.  It’s not maintaining the perfect ratio of browns and greens, but it’s not bad.  If I really wanted to, I could attach the grass catcher to the mower, dry out the grass for a day, and then place it in the bin.  I keep telling myself that I’m going to do it, but when it’s time to mow, I get lazy.

grass clumps

Early this spring, I was happy to discover a nice supply of sweet, wormy, free compost under the decomposing top layer.  I spread it around my tomato and pepper plants.  Admittedly, I was a little worried that it might kill them, but weeks later, they’re still thriving.  I think it’s safe to say, my passive pile is a success!

compost 002

Cause I Need to Prove She’s Mine Once Again

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Friends of Chris, upon meeting Cecilia for the first time, always declare that she looks just like her daddy.  I can see it, especially when she smiles.  However, as I’ve pointed out on numerous occasions, she predominately resembles me and my family.  Here’s another example (cause you needed one, I know).  Cecilia compared to my sister’s son, Aiden. They even share the same uninterested smirk.

(Please ignore the obvious color/light/exposure variations. These were taken several years apart, and my photography/photoshop skills and tendencies have improved and changed.)


11.23 063