2009 Resolution Monthly Review: April

In an effort to keep my resolutions, I’m reviewing my progress each month.

Whoa! A monthly review on time. Sweet fancy Moses! Last month I challenged myself to go green with my purchases. It did cut down on some of my unnecessary purchases and forced me to rethink some of my other ones. Unfortunately it also justified me buying things I probably wouldn’t have necessarily purchased. I did find myself at Target for some mommy-time after a particularly stressful day, and I promptly supplied Cecilia with an entire summer wardrobe. Oops. Not sustainable, organic cotton. But it was on sale and the kid needed some shorts.

So maybe I didn’t follow through when it came to cotton, but I did avoid Sonic for over two weeks. That nearly killed me. I celebrated my accomplishment today with a Diet Cherry Dr Pepper, the sweet nectar of the diet soda gods. However, I’m going to try to cut back. If I think about the number of Styrofoam cups that I put into the environment, the guilt really overcomes me. Several folks have asked if I ever thought about bringing my own cup. Yes, I’ve thought about it, but I’ve never asked. The next time I go (probably tomorrow), I will.

Unfortunately, my efforts to save money, small as they were, didn’t translate into money for our savings account. Chris’s Jeep, the Beast, unexpectedly needed a new radiator, and that sucker-punched our checking account. It was a little disheartening to pay over $1000 for that repair, but it was encouraging that it didn’t have to come out of our savings account or go on a credit card. That wouldn’t have been the case a couple years ago. I consider that a step in the right direction.

It’s also put us in an interesting position as we move through the end of this pay period. Our checking account is a little low. There’s plenty of money to get us to the next paycheck, but we need to live frugally until Tuesday. We’ve had several conversations about not spending money on shopping or dining out this weekend. Of course, we have money in the savings account, but there seems to be an unspoken understanding that it’s off limits. We’d rather skip dining out or picking up a bottle of wine over spending our hard-saved money.

On the clutter front, I feel like I brought more crap into the house than I took out this month. I gave our old lawn mower away, but that’s because I bought a new cordless electric one to replace it. I’ve spent several hours on the sofa going thinking through the closets and all the junk that clutters them. I’ve got some moderately valuable stuff that I could sell, but I’m intimidated by eBay and Craigslist. Hopefully I can get some help from Chris in those areas.

In regard to my resolution to post more, I don’t feel like I met this goal either. April felt a bit harried to me. Cecilia was clingy. Chris was busy. I was preoccupied. I just didn’t feel creative. I found myself thinking in Twitter posts and Facebook statuses, but it wasn’t enough to write an entire blog post. However, I’m going to try to schedule more mommy-time to help me clear my mind and get my creative juices going.