Eleven Months

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Dear Cecilia,

Three days ago you turned eleven months old. I know every month I start off by saying something about time moving so quickly, but I just can’t help thinking that when I sit down to write your letter. It’s just so amazing – your progress, my progress, and the dramatic changes. Every month has new challenges and new triumphs, and we’re just so consumed by it that we don’t have time to savor it. Celebrating your monthly birthday is always bittersweet.


This month started off with a doozy. I had one of the worst cases of hay fever of my life. Since I’m not taking my daily allergy medicine and cannot take antibiotics because of nursing, it lingered a whopping thirteen days. Your daddy had to take three days off of work to watch you so I could rest. You guys had your first trip out sans momma, and your daddy learned that he can no longer be ignored and unnoticed in public. You’re constantly staring and smiling at strangers, which prompts them to stop and talk to both of you. In the past, he was too grumpy to talk to people he didn’t know, but I suspect that he doesn’t mind as much now since it gives him an opportunity to show you off.pink-shirt

The big happening this month was your first step. It started off with just two or three little shuffles, and you seemed very content with this for a couple weeks. Then suddenly you started trying a few more, and now you can’t happily toddle across the room while holding onto a toy. You’ve fallen a couple times but cried only once. In fact, there have been several times that I thought you should have cried, but you picked yourself up and went on your way. Your determination is remarkable and fascinating to watch. It’s one more thing to add to my list of reasons I’m proud of you.


My favorite day this month was Mother’s day. It was everything a first Mother’s day should be. Daddy let me sleep in. We went for a family walk in the park, and we had frozen yogurt at TCBY. Most importantly, it was my favorite day because I got to spend it with you and daddy. You’re such a blessing, and my life is a million times richer because you’re my daughter.