Nine Months

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Dear Cecilia,

This weekend you turned nine months old! It’s hard to believe that you’re becoming such a big girl! We’ve seen lots of small babies lately, and I have a hard time remembering that you were ever that little. You’ve developed such a sweet and sassy personality. It seems like you’ve always had an opinion and a smile.

Your mobility has continued to improve this month. You’re quite a little speedster when on your hands and knees. We’ve installed baby gates around the house to keep you safe and contained. When I leave the room, even for a short moment, it becomes a game of hide and seek, and you crawl after me. It is incredibly cute, and it feels so good to be wanted, especially by you.


You also started standing unassisted. This new skill has me a bit more nervous than your previous ones. Thankfully, there have been a limited number of falls. During the times you’ve bumped your head, I’ve tried to remain calm and not react to it. My knee-jerk reaction is to scoop you up and comfort you, but I know I shouldn’t be overprotective. It’s important that you learn through trial and error. Plus I’m always close by when you do need me.


This month you’ve advanced in your eating. This happened when I finally gave you a conventional, non-organic Gerber baby snack. I’m a little disappointed that I gave in to the convenience of it, especially when our pediatrician teasingly said they were the Cheetos of baby food. However, those snacks opened the doorway to other food, which includes Momma’s homemade baby food. I think when it comes down to it, you really just prefer foods that you can feed yourself, and until those Gerber snacks, you weren’t given that option.

These past few weeks, I feel like you’ve become more aware of the world around you. I don’t know if it’s your development of object permanence or your newly discovered independence that accompanied mobility, but it feels like you’ve become more self-aware and conscious of your surroundings. It’s no longer a world of objects that you can put in your mouth; it’s a world of objects that exist for a purpose. The expression on your face conveys a new level of understanding.


You’ve looked at me with that same intensity. We’ve had several moments, usually while nursing, where our eyes meet and lock and mouths slowly develop into a smile. It’s like we share a very intimate secret. It’s amazing that we can communicate so much love to one another without uttering a single word. I’m so grateful for that connection. I know that in the future we won’t spend as much time together, but I know that deep unspoken love will remain.