Swinging Babies

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Yesterday, Cecilia and I met up with our playgroup at a local park.  It was a little chillier than we had anticipated, and she’s never been to a park.  Despite this, the kid did great!  She kicked her legs and squealed on the swings and impressed all the other moms with her gaiety.  I took the opportunity to snap a picture for another momma/baby comparison.

Here’s Cecilia yesterday, 8 months.


Here’s me, 6 months.


2009 Resolution Monthly Review: February

In an effort to keep my resolutions, I’m reviewing my progress each month.

If January was the first step on the road to success, February was my stumbling stone. We started off great - we transferred more money into our savings account and doubled its size. I contacted a local school (okay, my next door neighbor who happens to be a teacher) about donating some stuff. And I posted frequently to the site. I even knocked off one of my to-do’s! But then life got a bit chaotic.

Chris started working overtime, the plumbing clogged, and my built-in babysitter (my mother-in-law) wasn’t available. It was stressful and lonely, and I turned to my three outlets - cursing, eating, and shopping. It didn’t help that I had to go out to go poop. I felt guilty about stinking up someone’s bathroom without shopping in their store, and that’s how I justified spending $85 on summer clothes for Cecilia. (They were on sale!) Of course, buying more stuff generates more clutter, which adds to my stress, and the more stressed I am, the harder it is to be creative and write.

I vow to make March better. I’m going to try, dear Internet, to not spend any money for an entire week. I filled my car with gas today and stocked the cabinets, fridge, and freezer with delicious and healthy food. I’m going to turn my debit over to Chris. I will, of course, pay bills, but that can be done with check or online bill pay. I don’t know if I can do it, but it will definitely be humbling to ask for permission to use my card.


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I was going through wedding photos tonight while searching for a good picture of my old haircut, and I stumbled on this shot.  Clearly we are in the middle of a prayer with every head down and eyes closed.  Everyone except our best man, that  is.  What exactly is Edward doing?


Photo by benfRank.