Eight Months

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You’re eight months old today. Where has the time gone? It’s so hard to believe that eight months ago you arrived in this world as a little fussy baby and that you’ve already turned into a passionate, determined little person. It never ceases to amaze me. I’m also amazed that your father and I have successfully raised you thus far without any major catastrophe. Considering my limited experience with children, it’s probably a small miracle that you have not only survived but thrived.


This month has been a busy one. You started crawling on your hands and knees. You are no longer limited to your immediate surroundings and are able to escape to new areas of the house. Of course, this has kept me on my toes and requires that I give you constant supervision. As a result, I’ve carried you on my hip as I tended to chores around the house. My days of dashing to the mudroom to start a quick load of laundry while you play in the living room are over. Your mobility combined with your obsession with laptop power cords means that your unsupervised moments are over. However, you don’t seem to mind


Spending the majority of the day in my arms isn’t helping with your separation anxiety, which has kicked into high gear this month. You’ve become unwilling to be held by anyone else, even your daddy. There are some days that this gets to be tiring, but some days, especially those days that you tightly hold onto me in protest, it makes me smile. Even though you can’t say “I love you” yet, those moments tell me that you feel it. My heart holds you as tightly as your little hands hold me.

Not only did you start crawling during your eighth month, you also started pulling up and cruising around the room. All people and objects are fair game for practicing this latest accomplishment, including Lucy. Interestingly, she stood next to you calmly as you grabbed her fur and pulled yourself up. You two have really become good friends. She cries when you cry, and you laugh whenever she does tricks. She’s definitely your first best friend.


Also, this month you’ve stopped sleeping through the night. For a long time, we’ve considered ourselves extremely lucky parents because you started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks old. Unfortunately, you’ve started waking and wanting to happily practice your new skills. I’ve been very fortunate because your daddy has taken the brunt of this sleep disturbance, even on the nights that you’ve wanted to smile and play from 2 to 4 am.


A couple weeks ago we joined a local playgroup, and I realized that it’s going to be challenge to raise a young lady in an affluent town. I want to make sure we provide you with enough that you never feel inadequate, or like you don’t belong, but I also want to teach you to appreciate what you do have. It’s going to be difficult to find the right balance. However, I know the first step is to teach you to have self confidence and self worth by showing you unconditional love. Thankfully, I know that loving you is one of the easiest and most natural things I’ve ever done.