2008 Review

It’s time to begin a new year, and I think we, as a society, spend too much of this time dwelling on what needs changing and not what we’ve accomplished.  Here’s my top five accomplishments in 2008 that I’m most proud of:

1.  Surviving.  I was 12 days overdue and in labor for 28 hours.  That was promptly followed by a level 2 tear, cracked nipples, and sleep deprivation.  I bet you thought the baby would be my number one?  Any fool can make a baby, but not everyone can survive.  Rest assure that she’s next.

2.  Cecilia Laine.  Dang, I’m proud of everything about her - from her awesome name to her long finger-toes to her pretty blue eyes.  Did I also mention her sweet personality and feisty mohawk?  Yep, half of her genetic makeup is mine.
Dec 08 135

3. Providing healthy, delicious meals.  This year I’ve really taken my cooking skills to a whole new level.  We’re eating low in calories, high in taste food.  Chris’s stomach is happy and so is my waistline.  I’m very proud that I’ll be able to offer my daughter healthy dinners, you know, as soon as she’s done with the all-you-can-eat momma’s milk buffet.
Sweet and Spicy Stir Fry with Chicken and Broccoli

4. Paying off our credit cards and renovating our bathrooms at the same time.  Okay, we do have a small loan for the home improvement, but we increased our home’s value.  The key point here is that we have no consumer debt because I kick ass.

5.  Well, I racked my brain and can’t think of a worthy enough number five.  I did, however, type this whole post with one hand because Cecilia is sleeping on my left arm.  She’s also smiling in her sleep, which reminds me that she’s so wonderful that she deserves another spot on the top five.