To Do, Part 3

79. Sing in front of a group of people
I have a decent voice, but a huge fear of singing in front of folks. Sometimes I can in front of Chris. Most of the time I just joke around and make it sound goofy on purpose. I’m just so afraid that I’m horrible and just don’t know it. After all, people with crappy voices often think they’re great too.
78. Renew wedding vows in Vegas (in the presence of Elvis)
77. Design and build a kitchen customized to my needs
One of the reasons we bought this house was the nice open kitchen. However, it quickly shrank within a month of moving in, or at least it felt like it. I’m like a goldfish-I grow to the size of my container. Someday I’ll have a kitchen that meets my needs. I just needs to make up about 50% of the house’s square footage.
76. Walk on an iceberg
I better hurry before they’re all gone.
75. Become an expert of something
I’m not sure what kind of expert. I figure I’ll stumble onto something eventually.
74. Overcome my hatred for having my picture taken
73. Perfect my sushi making skills

We took a sushi class at the Viking Cooking School. It was the day before I found out I was pregnant, and I ate copious amounts of raw fish and drank sake. Thankfully I suspected that I was knocked up so I kept the sake to a few sips. The raw fish? It was on like donkey kong.
72. See a well-known Broadway show
71. Take my daughter abroad
I figure it’s better than making my daughter a broad. Seriously though, I want to travel with her. Chris wants to take our future sons to run with the bulls. We need to have our own daring feat, like buying knock off designer purses on the Chinese black market.
70. Get a professional bikini wax
Scary, right? I mean, how exactly do you act? What do you do? I know I’ll feel vulnerable, but I don’t want to look stupid too. How exactly do you keep your dignity when in that position? As soon as I get these answers, I’ll go. Or maybe I should just bite the bullet.

Memo From the Boss



I hope you have a fun and safe Labor day.  Please use this time to rest and recuperate as we have some long and intense days ahead of us.



Ruler of the Universe