Three Months

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Cecilia,You are three months old today. Just like in your last two letters, I cannot believe that you’ve been with us for this long. I’ve been so absorbed in loving and caring for you that I didn’t notice that the time has passed. During these three months, you’ve changed from a newborn to an infant. You are no longer a little creature that only sleeps, cries, and poops. You’ve developed a personality, and it’s one that is very determined and opinionated, just like your momma and daddy.
This month you’ve started announcing your presence to the world with a myriad of squawks, squeals, and grunts, and all it takes is for a person to smile at you to illicit a smile and a squeal. You are a very sweet and social baby, and I’m so proud that you’re mine. Everyone comments on how cute you are, and I couldn’t agree more.A couple weeks ago you started laughing for the first time. The one person that can get you to laugh is your daddy. This is fitting because he’s your funnier parent. I hope you inherit his sense of humor and comedic timing, but even if you don’t, I know you’ll still enjoy his jokes. I can’t express the sense of pride I felt when I heard your first giggle. Laughter has played an important part in mine and your daddy’s relationship. It was the first thing that attracted me to him and was one of the reasons I fell in love with him (and continue to fall more in love). It makes me smile knowing that your laughter will now fill our home too.
You’ve also developed a strong hatred for car rides. It’s been difficult listening to you scream. We tried various methods to calm and console you, but so far nothing has worked. As your momma, I never want to hear fear in your voice. It’s heartbreaking for me. Unfortunately, short of never leaving the house, we can’t avoid it. I know that there will be several instances like this in the years to come, times when I have encourage or insist you to do things you don’t want to do for your own good. I promise to never become calloused to your cries. Though it will be important for you to go through hard times and sometimes feel fear, I will always be there to pick you up and comfort you when the ride is over.Love,Momma